Ginger DX

This is a port of GingerDX ROM made by doixanh so all credits goes to him. Don’t forget to THANK him on original thread. 

Original thread

For all Features look at original thread.


We are gathering questions to build a F.A.Q. for GingerDX, so if you guys think you have relevant questions, send them and maybe we will add them to the final F.A.Q. Thanks!


– Rooted
– ClockworkMod Recovery 
– Latest kernel and latest baseband xxx015

We are not responsible if this ROM bricks your device.

Android 2.3.7
Super HQ Camera 
2D performance
Best 3D performance

Additional Features

Ginger DX Settings in CM Menu
Fake xLOUD
Bravia Engine
Sense Ring Style
Sense Wallpaper
Sense Lock Screen


GingerDX v21b port made by farazfaraz
download, screenshots and changelog

New download link for GingerDX v21b


Download to your sdcard storage on your Xperia X10 Mini Pro
Boot into Recovery through whatever method you choose
Back up your existing installation
Use the volume keys to select Factory Reset and push home button
Select Install Zip from SD Card
Find the file you downloaded earlier
Scroll through and hit Yes, install
Wait for the installation to finish
Select Reboot
After initial reboot, reboot a second time and you’re all set

Changelog 2.10.2011:

-read original thread
-resized SystemUI complete to LDPI (thanks to stelios97)
-working custom app in ring lockscreen (thanks to stelios97)
-small fixes

Changelog 27.9.2011:

-look at original thread for changelog
-clean port
-basic stuff with resizig
-Updated Xbin (thanks to slade87)
-Updated Bin (thanks to slade87)
-reboot into recovery’s are working (thanks to slade87)
-new ramdisk.tar (thanks to slade)
-fixed touch bug (with custom kernel or without. thanks to slade87)
-available frequency for OC in CMParts.apk (thanks to madbulls)
-fixed modules (thanks to slade87)

Changelog 24.09.2011:

-Fixed Phone.apk
-Fixed Contact.apk
-Fixed CMParts.apk
-Resized framework-res.apk
-Resized Settings.apk
-Added Default keyboard
-Added Torch.apk
-Edited build.prop (added some tweaks)
-Edited (added battery drain & offline charging fix and extra lines for brightness of slade87)
-Deleted Modules (rom prepared for custom kernel)

Changelog 23.09.2011:

– Added Bravia Engine
– Added Fake xloud
– Added SuperCharger
– Added DSP Manager
– Added cypress MT
– Added SETheme (Alpha 7)
– Resized Music Player
– Resized Messages
– Resized bootanimation
– Resized DeskClock
– Optimized DVM
– Optimized framework
– Updated ramdisk
– Updated libs
– Modded Video Camera (Max quality)
– Fixed SU
– Fixed TouchBug (This does not fix the error, in which no buttom response)

GingerDX v14 re-up is compatible with:
ZombiePanic v1.61 custom kernel by slade87
D4Kernel v1.2 custom kernel by D4rKn3sSyS

Levels for Auto Brightness (you need to change them manually)

To do:
-some litle fixes

Port made by Eyama.


And of course to me.

used for build:

doixanh repo:
paul-xxx repo:
slade87 rom GinTonic:….php?t=1207740
nobodyAtall repo :
knzo tweaks:….php?t=1227269

My phones:
Main: iPhone 4S IOS 5.1 (waiting for jailbreak)
Second (for dev): X10 mini pro 

Xperia X10 mini pro


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