Download and Install Custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy S5 – How to

After showing you the procedures to root many android devices like Qmobile i9, Quatro Z4, Samsung Galaxy S4, Nokia X2, Huawei Ascend g300, g610, y300, and the rooting tutorial of Samsung Galaxy S5. We will now tell you the way to download and install custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy S5. Since we have already provided you with the rooting tutorial of it, now we will tell you how to install custom rom on Galaxy S5.

For installing any custom rom on a device, it needs to be rooted first. And same is the case with Samsung Galaxy S5. If you want to install a Custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy S5, you have to root  it first. We have already posted it rooting procedure, if you have not rooted your device yet. Root it then proceed to installing custom rom on it.

How to Download and Install Custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy S5?

Samsung Galaxy S5 Custom ROM Download and Install

First, you need to download a custom ROM. For this, there are number of websites. Below are three websites. Go to any of them and download a ROM for Samsung Galaxy S5.

Link 1 

Link 2 

Link 3 

Now reboot your phone and start it in Recovery mode.

Then there will be an option Wipe Data/Factory reset, select it. It will delete all the information from your phone. Like apps, call logs and other things like that, it will be deleted.

Now choose Wipe partition. There will be an option wipe partition, select it.

Then select the option Wipe dalvik cache and then select ” +++++Go Back+++++”.

Then select the option install zip from sd card. You have downloaded the ROM in sd card so you have to select it. Then select choose from zip card/

Now browse for the ROM you downloaded and select it. Its the ROM that you downloaded earlier. Select it and it will install that ROM.

Now after the installation finishes. Select the option  “+++++Go Back+++++” And then select”Reboot now”.

It will reboot your device and your Samsung Galaxy S5 will have now a custom Rom installed. Your device will have the custom ROM installed.


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